Collezione ToShape

Unique pieces, handmade and 100% Made in Italy

TO SHAPE – Verb. – to make something into a particular shape.

ToShape is inspired by what man has always done: giving shape and function to materials.

The creations are objects that are not only beautiful but also light, soft to the touch, resistant: excellent products.

All the objects of the ToShape collection are made of SSM, an artificial material with extraordinary charecteristics obtained from the combination of natural minerals and acrylic polymers. The aluminum hydroxide gives the product excellent mechanical resistance while the acrylic resin guarantees hygiene, suitability for contact with food, impermeability and color stability over time.

Curiosity, experimentation and the will to overcome limits, even those of the material itself, give light to unique and unrepeatable forms. It is the shapes that suggest, to each of us, the function that the object could have.
Ogni oggetto viene realizzato a mano con cura e attenzione: ciò, lo rende esclusivo e senza tempo. Una fusione indissolubile tra tradizione e innovazione, tra azzardo e manualità, tra il lavoro artigianale dell’intreccio e l’uso di un materiale moderno.


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